AQUASPIN™ Photometer
AQUASPIN™ Photometer
AQUASPIN™ Photometer

AQUASPIN™ Photometer

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The innovative, API AQUASPIN Photometer is ideal for testing all important freshwater, saltwater aquarium and pond water parameters. Test 7 freshwater parameters and 8 saltwater parameters in only 2 minutes, and receive accurate results personalized with API product recommendations within minutes.

Simply, select which disk you need, freshwater or saltwater. Each sealed reagent disk contains the precise amount of reagent needed to run all necessary water parameters. Fill the selected reagent disk with a water sample, place it in the meter, click “RUN TEST” on your computer screen, and all your vital tests are done simultaneously and presented on screen with helpful tips and product recommendations.  The results are also stored in user accounts and sent via email to your customer for future reference.

The AQUASPIN meter is ideal for retail professionals, service technicians and the advanced hobbyist. It combines digital meter testing with exclusive API AQUASPIN software to provide you accurate and efficient results and product recommendations. It also provides a customer interface between your store and the customer through each test. Runs tests directly from any Windows based Laptop or Desktop computer. Tablets are not compatible with AQUASPIN.


  • AQUASPIN photometer
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Syringes
  • Meter Check Disk
  • USB Cord with USB Wall Adapter
  • Universal Disk Cover
  • Cleaning wipe and tissues
  • API branded In-Store Marketing Materials

Please view charts in images for more information on range, precision and accuracy for each test parameter. Contact your API sales associate or call us with questions at 1-(800) 847-0659.

Since all sales are final, we want to ensure your questions or concerns are addressed.